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This website is dedicated to helping you find the right balance for your health through lifestyle changes

The endocrine system is a set of hormone-making glands in your body which control your metabolism. Many of the endocrine diseases can be treated by lifestyle improvements. My name is Dr. Haiju Chirayath and I am an endocrinologist, a medical doctor specializing in treating endocrine conditions. I feel it’s important that patients get accurate medical information on the internet and so I made this website.

All the suggestions here are based on scientific research and my clinical experience. Please feel free to use the links above to learn more about me, this site and the endocrine system.

Better health means finding balance

Learn about the endocrine system and how it controls your health

Learn about the Endocrine System and how it controls your health

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  1. Hi doctor how are you?, can you please guide me if a healthy person can do the same exercises as mentioned at your site to lose weight ???


    • Yes, you can do the same exercises to lose weight. However weight loss from exercise alone is a slow process and so diet is far more important when it comes to losing weight.


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