5BX Exercises: Chart 2

Chart 2

5BX Exercises Chart 2

  • 5BX Exercise 1 for 2 minutes: Keep your feet apart, arms upward. Bend forwards to the floor, touch it, then stretch upwards and bend backwards. Do not strain to keep your knees straight.
  • 5BX Exercise 2 for 1 minute: Lie on your back with your feet about 6 inches apart and your arms at your sides. Sit up to vertical position, keep your feet on the floor. You can hook them under a chair if this is difficult. Allow knees to bend slightly.
  • 5BX Exercise 3 for 1 minute: Lie on your front with your palms placed under your thighs. Raise your head, shoulders and both legs. Keep your leg straight at the knee, both thighs must be lifted above palms.
  • 5BX Exercise 4 for 1 minute: Lie on your front and keep your hands under your shoulders. Keep your palms flat on the floor. Straighten your arms lifting your upper body, with only your palms and toes on the floor. Keep your back straight. Your chest must touch the floor for each completed movement after you fully extend your arms.
  • 5BX Exercise 5 for 6 minutes: Stationary run and Astride jumps: here you will be running on a spot without moving forward. After every 75 steps do 10 “astride jumps”.
  • Stationary run: Count a step each time your left foot touches the floor. Lift your feet approximately 4 inches off the floor. Repeat this sequence until your complete the required number of steps.
  • Astride jumps: Keep your feet together and your arms at your side. Jump and land with your feet astride and arms raised sideways to slightly above shoulder height. Keep your arms straight. Return with a jump to the starting position. This counts as one jump.

The table below shows how to gradually progress through the exercises. Start at Level D- or if this is too easy for you from level C-.  Repeat each exercise for the stated number of times within the time limits mentioned above. As the days go by, you will be able to complete more repetitions of each exercise within the time limits. Then you can progress up the chart. Once you are comfortable doing exercises at the A+ level, you can progress to the next chart.

If you are unable to do Exercise 5, there are 2 alternative options listed in the last 2 columns: you can either walk or run. Do either one of these options in the time stated.

5BX Chart 2