Step 2: Right Food

Eat right for diabetesHow do you eat right if you have Type 2 diabetes? Make sure you have a low-carb, low-saturated fat diet. Numerous studies show that this works best for Type 2 diabetes. You can learn how to eat such a diet by clicking here. In short, it involves eating more vegetables and proteins and reducing carbohydrates.

Why does this work? Studies show that diets high in carbs lead to weight gain, which in turn leads to insulin resistance and worsening of Type 2 diabetes. If you reduce carbs and increase vegetables, you also increase your intake of fiber and valuable nutrients such as vitamins, iron and other minerals. You can reduce food cravings by making sure you eat enough protein. A low saturated fat diet has now been conclusively proven to be best to reduce heart attacks. Losing weight is easier on a low-fat diet.

Many people think that a low-carb, low-fat diet is difficult. However, the steps mentioned on this website will help you get there. You might need to try new recipes and new ways of making food. If everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t been effective, why not try something new? It’s the best chance you have of succeeding,

If you lower  your insulin resistance, you can address the main underlying metabolic problem in Type 2 diabetes.  Click here to read the section on how to lose weight, as weight loss is one of the best ways to reduce insulin resistance.

4 thoughts on “Step 2: Right Food

  1. Talitha Perera says:

    How about pop corn? We have been looking at snacks for a diabetic patient who was just recently diagnosed with this condition. We have bought the kernels and are hoping to make this snack using about 2 teaspoons of olive oil for a handful of kernels. What are your thoughts about this Dr. Chirayath

    • Saleh mohammed says:

      Dr.Haiju,I have questions about the right food You can give me one dish that I use all the time like breakfast, lunch and dinner

      • Dr_Haiju says:

        Thank you for your message. For breakfast you can try wholegrain oats (not white oats) with low-fat milk and some seeds (such as pumpkin/sunflower/chia seeds) with low-sugar fruit such as berries. For lunch you can have salad with a protein such as fish. For dinner you can have a vegetable dish with a protein such as soya/tofu/fish/chicken with some low-sugar fruit such as watermelon or berries.
        Thank you.

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